Stop Emotional Eating

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Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Marchand Canseco

Michelle Marchand Canseco is an award-winning Certified Trainer (2021 Training Magazine's Top 100) and an Emotional Eater's Support Coach. She will give you clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it. MichelleMotivateMe specializes in motivating people with "How To" videos. Because of her background as an actress, she has been selected to teach some of the most difficult material, and she has managed to delight her students by making her classes entertaining and engaging. She is a graduate of the acclaimed "Fame" school in New York City, and she knows how to turn boring material into fun exercises. She is known for her ability to motivate individuals to take action in order to get results. Michelle has helped people has a lifestyle coach teaching them to change their mindset to lose weight, negotiate in all areas of their lives, and set and achieve their goals. MichelleMotivateMe is a skills-based training company that helps people to change behavior in addition to acquiring and enhancing skills. This is accomplished through Seminars, Webinars, Online Videos, Zoom, and monthly Newsletters to the public as well as customized programs and literature for organizations.
Your Instructor: Michelle Marchand Canseco


  • What diet do I have to follow to do this course?

    There is no diet to follow. This course is about WHY you eat not WHAT you eat. You are free to follow whatever diet/eating plan you'd like to or none at all.

  • Is there a guarantee that I'll lose weight if I follow the 5 Rules?

    There are no guarantees, however, you'll most likely lose unnecessary weight when you attract a healthy lifestyle, listen to your Inner Guidance, open yourself up to feeling your feelings (and avoid feeding them), center yourself with things you enjoy, and appreciate all you've been given in this life.

  • Do I have to complete the current lesson in the course in order to participate in the group coaching?

    You'll get the most out of the course and group coaching when you commit to doing all of the necessary reading and assignments. If you attend the group coaching without completing the assignments, your questions will not be answered. You'll be redirected to complete the assignment to get your answers. The group coaching questions are reserved for moments when participants have done the reading and are stuck in a certain area. This makes the sessions sizzle as every one helps each other and we discover the answers together.


“I'm a mother of four, grandmother to 17, and soon to be a great grandmother of three. I've done lots of diets, but I never worked on me. I've lost over 30 pounds. I believe this program will help me for the rest of my life because I think now. I don't stuff food in my face. Now I think first.”

Tuesday Night

Susan from Florida

“I think the program is extremely helpful. I know that it's helped me to be more aware of my emotions and more conscious of why I'm deciding to eat in a moment when I'm not hungry. Now because of this program, I'm more able to ask myself, "What are you feeling? Why are you going to food for comfort instead of thinking what should I do to improve the way I'm feeling right now?" I liked the way all the participants had the opportunity to be open and share their own difficulties. I felt like doing this journey, which was difficult, but I was doing it with friends. It felt I was with friends when we would share with each other our difficulties and our problems. We also celebrated each others' successes. I really feel that being part of this program was helpful and it was the tool that I needed to be reminded on a daily basis of my decisions when it comes to deciding about food. ”

Tuesday Night

Frances from Florida

“I've lost 10 pounds... It's been a great reminder about not eating if you're not hungry, to give you the strength to not eat what your trauma, family, or occasion may suggest, but to listen to what your body needs. ”

Tuesday Night

Alyssa from Texas

“The S.E.E. program has provided me with tools to make smarter & healthier decisions. I feel that going forward I will be better able to handle a bad day. Am I really hungry? That used to be a hard question to answer. I now have resources to guide me to the correct answer. Oh and I'm down 10 pounds so far.”

Tuesday Night

Shelby from Oklahoma

Stop Emotional Eating

Start emotional education to discover your desirable self.

With this course you're getting the workbook, all of the videos, assignments and accountability, and in addition you'll get group coaching (valued at $500 per month as well as one complimentary one-on-one Exploratory Call). When you stop emotional eating and start emotional education you'll feel more in charge of your entire life, not just your eating. You'll be able to pursue things you've never dreamed of doing or have put off for years. You'll live the life you've always wanted. How do I know this can happen for you? I've been an instructor for two decades of my life, and my participants have always shared their success stories with me. I'm just waiting to hear yours!